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Subject:Happy EASTER!
Time:03:19 am
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Subject:Spring Break PUKING!
Time:04:49 am
Kendall kids on spring break. A compilation trailer of the all spring break adventure videos I will soon be posting.

Mike pukes.

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Time:12:56 pm
Interiors introduction book: fourth edition


brand new still in shrink wrap.... i payed about $100 for it.

$80 or best offer sound good?

email me: cuteypie4415@aol.com
call me: 248 635 8500
im me: tagilicious

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Subject:Canon digital slr needed
Time:04:11 pm
My wife and I are photographing a friend's wedding on Friday, August 24th and I need another Canon digital SLR so we both have cameras and I have a backup. Something with a faster lens would be nice, but beggars can't be choosers.

Also, if you know of a good place to rent a camera or a fast lens, if it comes down to that, I would love suggestions/references.

Extra batteries would also be extremely useful. I love my digital Rebel and will take great care of your baby if you were nice enough to loan it to me. :)

You can see some examples of my photos on the website for my 2005 road trip, here and here

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Subject:Roomate needed. (x-posted everywhere)
Time:03:30 pm

Couple Seeks Third for Easttown Apartment


23, college graduate, eco-minded vegetarian. Likes Ani, zombie movies, Malibu and Pepsi. Currently works second shift in an office. Talented with Indian, Japanese, macrobiotic and South American cuisine.


22, finishing up last 10 credits part time at GVSU. Enjoys computer gaming, very handy, likes rock climbing, White Russians. Works as a waiter at a high volume establishment. Can make wonderful European fare, especially Italian and English. Also very talented with dessert and pastry.


Eco friendly, open minded, committed couple. Prefer Pepsi over Coke. Social drinkers with the occasional bummed cigarette (never in the house). Welcoming to alternative lifestyles, faiths and couples. Not big partiers, although enjoy low to medium key evenings with friends, drinks, and a bad horror or good anime flick. Clean but not anal neat freaks. Very respectful of time and space. Outgoing, adventurous, and excellent cooks.


Decently mature, animal friendly (we have cats, rabbits and a gerbil), reliable, communicative, steadily employed. College students welcome. Alternative lifestyles, faiths, and partnerships ok. Moderate smokers ok (just not in the house). Equally clean-ish. Moderate drinkers ok (we don't mind if you party, it just won't happen very often here). Respectful of space and time.


Newly remodeled upper unit with deck located a 15 second walk from Easttown, but not in such a place where it is overly noisy. Hardwood floor throughout, VERY SPACIOUS. You'd have your own room. Open to possibility of pets. Rent would be $370 a month (utilities included) although that is somewhat negotiable. Off street parking, washer and dryer hookups in basement. Plenty of storage and grounded outlets throughout. 1 block from several bus stops.

For more info call

616 821 7729

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Subject:a few things
Time:10:50 am
ok first thing.... the duplex above us is open and it would be nice to find three tough guys to live there so you can protect us :) its a three bedroom one bath duplex. 829 hovey... very close to the busline and to downtown. 275 a person... its a nice place

next thing.... anyone taking intro to interiors?

i have "Interiors; an introduction" brand new, still in shrinkwrap. (i accidently ordered two last year)


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Subject:SO, YEAH.
Time:03:01 pm
Two ill cats are looking for two iller roommates.

Rent would be 310, including all utilities minus the internets, which shouldn't cost an assload of money... it's like 2 blocks from Kendall, and, yeah, we're looking to secure a place pretty soon... for august.

If you like llamas, cheese, fine wines, and other awesome weird ishtar, you should hit us up, because, yeah, rent in GR is retarded high. SO, yeah, you should hit us up.




we rly wanna do disssh. SO YEAH. HIT US UP. IT'S AN ILL SPOT.
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Subject:by the way
Time:12:32 pm
i love the fact that who ever made this community made it a cancer!
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Subject:pass it on
Time:11:31 am
2 fucking awesome girls looking for a roomate
no preference
1 cat
rent = 265 a month includes water & electric & laundry
available now
does not include gas & cble/internet
wireless network
big huge apartment
screened porch
long driveway

call (616) 821-3615
for more imformation
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Subject:ROOMIE NEEDED for FALL 07 =)
Time:10:23 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Me... Jessica Smith. Im a 20 year old interior design student at Kendall. I am technically a junior, but sort of a sophomore and a half in my program haha. I work at a daycare because i just loveeee kids. I like to find crazy and fun in every situation but Im also pretty laid back.
Lexi and Sarah... 19 year old interior design students. my lovely roomates that left me for the month for MEXICO... ptshh.

We arent crazy keg throwing partiers, but we do like to entertain because the house gives us plenty of opportunity for that.

a 1900 square foot brick ranch on half an acre on a small culdesac road. 4 large bedrooms, HUGE living room, Dining area/Kitchen, Den with walkout to backyard, 1 1/2 Bathroom, Laundry, Patio...

August 1st

Tallmadge Twp, just off of remembrance. We timed the drive to campus and it was about 9 minutes.

because A) This place is absolutley adorable! B) I promise you wont have as much fun with anyone else.... no seriously C) It is a price you absolutley cannot pass up..
$300 a month which includes your utilities except for cable and internet (a cost which we will split between the 4 of us)

I have pictures but had trouble uploading them on here, so email me if youd like to see them =)
my email is cuteypie4415@aol.com

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